The majority of users still use Internet Explorer. The statistics for July, 2011 were:

IE 9.0 7.27%
IE 8.0 26.30%
IE 7.0 5.45%
IE 6.0 3.42%
Firefox 5.0+ 14.28%
Firefox 4.0 3.38%
Firefox 3.5+ 9.36%
Firefox 3.1- 0.94%
Chrome 22.17%
Safari 5.15%
Opera 1.66%
Others 0.62%
IE (all) 42.44% -
Firefox (all) 27.96%

Our favorite is Mozilla Firefox, in that it works well on both PCs and MACs, and it compliant with the latest web standards. If you don't have it, we recommend giving it a try. You can download it for free at:

Firefox Browser

For MAC users, the standard is Safari, although Firefox works perfectly on MACs. As well, the latest version of Safari works on PCs. You can download Safari for free at:

Safari Browser


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