Setting up an e-mail account POP access

Setting up your e-mail account in Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Apple Mail, or any other mail client is the support question that we are asked the most. Hopefully this short tutorial will answer all your questions.

For the purposes of this tutorial, is the name of your own domain (i.e., Your e-mail address is (i.e.,

Your mail client will ask you a number of questions, but the ones that are specific to your e-mail account with Whistler Web Design follow.

Incoming mail server:

User name:

Password: this is the password that was assigned to you by the system administrator.

Outgoing (or SMTP) mail server:
Server requires authentication
Use outgoing port 26 for the outgoing mail server
DO NOT check off or use SSL

If you run into a problem, it is most likely with the outgoing mail server. Many internet service providers (ISP's) will not let you use an outgoing server other than their own. You are already hooked up to the internet through your ISP - Whistler Web Design is NOT your ISP. You are likely already sending e-mail. If so, then it is usually easiest to use your existing settings for your outgoing server. Your e-mail will still have the return address of It is just that your own ISP is being used as the "postman".

However, if you would prefer to use our outgoing server, it really does not make much difference.


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